Art Exhibit

2021 IFB Cultural Perspectives: “Art in a Changed World”


International Festival of Burnsville seeks artworks to display virtually at the 10th annual IFB Cultural Perspectives art exhibition. ART IN A CHANGED WORLD depicts family, community or cultural connections, at home or across the globe, as we share the common aspects of daily living.

Artwork represents a cultural value, tradition or craft, whether symbolic or realistic in nature, in creating each piece. IFB’s online gallery features two-dimensional art of any medium; freestanding or pedestal mounted three-dimensional work including sculptures, textiles; and photographs. As a virtual exhibit, this gallery welcomes multiple submissions and works of any size & shape!

To virtually present artwork, artists submit a digital photo & respond to these questions for an artist’s profile for each piece:
• Title of the piece; list medium & dimensions.
• How has COVID-19 impacted you as an artist?
• How does the piece convey emotion, behavior, and/or action?
• Share how the piece relays a significant moment, memory, story, or event.

Submit photo(s) & completed profile(s) before July 1, 2021, to